Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ensino de Ciências e Educação Matemática

Concentration Area Subjects

Concentration Area (AC) Subjects – (take at least two):


Biological Education

  • Epistemology, History and Nature of Science in Teaching Biology
  • Qualitative Research Applied to Teaching Biology
  • Laboratory Practice for Science Teaching

Mathematics Education

  • Fundamentals of Number Theory
  • Fundamentals of Algebra
  • Topics of Geometry
  • Topics of Analysis
  • ​Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Primary and Secondary Education

Chemistry Education

  • Methodologies for Teaching General and Inorganic Chemistry in Basic Education
  • Instrumentation for the Teaching of Physical Chemistry in Basic Education
  • Chemistry Topics

Physics Teaching

  • Physics in High School
  • Topics of Classical Physics
  • Topics of Modern and Contemporary Physics
  • Teaching Laboratory and Physics Teaching